Random Absurdus: “Maker Faire is a potluck party with a great atmosphere”


Mantas (Random Absurdus) shares his participant’s experience from last year’s “Vilnius Mini Maker Faire” and reveals his expectations for this year’s event.


“Last “Vilnius Mini Maker Faire” was wonderful: perfect venue, organization and a great opportunity to see who makes what in Lithuania.

WHAT WAS LAST YEAR. I remember, how the idea to organize “Maker Faire” was discussed among the most active lithuanian makers in “No Trolls Allowed” Hacker Camp. When M-Lab initiated the event and invited Kaunas Makerspace members to make or take some  projects to it, I got an opportunity to finally create installations.

I had a long wild ideas’ list. Positive organizers’ approach to the craziest of them helped me to choose two installations. Both of them combined playfulness, conceptualism and interactivity. Of course, without the support of Kaunas Makerspace founders and members, these interactive installations, most probably, would have remained unimplemented.

The first installation - Porno Nest - is an orgasm simulator. By invoking satire I tried to show how difficult  it is to understand other’s orgasm - was it or wasn’t?

My second installation - The Playing Leg - is a kind of musical instrument-controller.  Instrumentation intensifies the higher you touch the leg and the bravest get to hear the vocal:)

WHAT TO EXPECT THIS YEAR. It is worthy to participate in “Vilnius Mini Maker Faire” since this is a peculiar congress of all Lithuanian makers, a potluck party with a great atmosphere, interesting people and a sense of community. Thus, I want to wish this year’s participants not to restrict their imagination and present technically well made but also creative projects. In my opinion, interactive projects are the most interesting since they can compete  with the variety of attractive visual content  which we see on the internet everyday.

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